Why is Quantum Break Taking So Long?

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When Quantum Break was first revealed, the project seemed to be a bold attempt to showcase exactly what the fledgling Xbox One was capable of. Promising a thrilling hybrid of video game and television show, the title from Alan Wake developer Remedy made gamers cautiously optimistic about the level of immersion and entertainment that could be available. The date was set for a 2014 release, with Quantum Break expected to be a critical new IP for Xbox.

Unfortunately, the title has since struggled to keep to schedule. Quantum Break was one of several high-profile 2014 releases forced back to a later date, along with the likes of Evolve and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Although further details surrounding the television show were released in the interim, such as the announcement of a cast including X-Men and Lord of the Rings alumni, little dispelled the unease felt by those interested in Quantum Break. To make matters worse, the project was shelved once more, with Microsoft delaying the release of the third-person shooter hybrid back to 2016.

Although Microsoft claimed that the second delay to the title was due to the Xbox One’s busy 2015 holiday schedule, many have wondered if there was more to it than that. Thankfully, Quantum Break creative director Sam Lake is on hand to give more of an explanation of why the project is having difficulty making it to release. Speaking with Edge Magazine (via Games Radar), Lake gave an update on the development process, explaining that making sure that the game is at its best as a finished product is in the player’s best interests.

Quantum Break Delay

In particular, it appears as though Remedy has been taking its time making sure that the huge number of innovations in Quantum Break all work as planned. “There’s a lot of new technology,” said Lake, explaining that “a lot of prototyping” has been required on the project. “It’s a new universe, new story, there’s new core gameplay,” he continued.

Lake also revealed that developing the game and television show in synch has brought with it its own difficulties. Speaking on the issue of the TV show, Lake stated that “there are a lot of challenges to figure out.” However, Lake reiterated Remedy’s determination to bring a high quality product to the table, stating that the developer will not make “certain types of compromises” regarding the standard of content.

It’s refreshing to see a developer willing to take its time to make sure that a game releases in a fit state, particularly given infamous releases such as Batman: Arkham Knight for PC and EA’s notorious Sim City reboot. However, many will still wonder about just how stuck in development hell Quantum Break has become. With Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne leaving the studio earlier this year, let’s hope that his departure did not adversely affect Remedy’s vision for the ambitious project.

Quantum Break is expected to launch for Xbox One on April 5, 2016.

Source: Edge (via Games Radar)