One week after release, Microsoft confirms that Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break is the ‘biggest selling, new Microsoft Studios IP this generation.’

Last week’s release of Quantum Break for Xbox One and PC has been a huge success for Microsoft. Topping the UK software charts immediately following the title’s launch, Microsoft has now announced that the game is the “biggest selling, new Microsoft Studios IP this generation.”

In order to earn this prestigious title, Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break has surpassed such titles as Sunset Overdrive, Ori & the Blind Forest, and Ryse Son of Rome, which puts the game’s success at a noticeably high mark. Xbox Studios senior category manager, Jon Edney, commented on the game’s success:

“We’re delighted that Quantum Break has been so well received by fans and critics. It’s a testament to the hard work, ambition and commitment of the team at Remedy that the game is already surpassing expectations.”

In general, Quantum Break has been favorably reviewed, which may mean that we will see more of the TV show format from development companies in the future. Spending so much time on development for a title with such an unexplored setup was a risk for Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment but, as with the aforementioned story-driven game, the unique gameplay is intriguing enough to attract the crowds.

Quantum Break Television Show

Quantum Break is performing so well at the moment that there is little doubt that Remedy Entertainment will produce yet another unique IP sometime in the future. Many fans would likely want a sequel to 2010’s Alan Wake, especially since it was teased through use of an in-game TV show. Sam Lake, the creative director for Remedy has confirmed the company’s long-term plan for Alan Wake 2, which will hopefully be made better by the team’s development of Quantum Break.

Though the game itself is a huge success, Quantum Break is suffering from a number of issues at present. For example, while Microsoft made the choice to make the title available to PC gamers as well as its Xbox One market, the PC version is having trouble reaching a consistent frame-rate. The company is also issuing refunds to fans who pre-ordered the game on Xbox One but have had to wait for their free PC version codes to arrive. Although the Xbox One version appears to be performing with very few problems, it’s certainly disappointing that one of Microsoft’s early attempts to welcome PC gamers to the Xbox experience has been a rocky one.

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Quantum Break is currently available for Xbox One and PC.