When Quantic Dream debuted founder/director David Cage’s “Kara” trailer at this year’s GDC, the beautifully presented, emotionally dense, quixotic David Cagey-ness of it all proved to make for one of the show’s seminal moments.

Hopes that the film was a teaser for Quantic’s next title were quickly dashed, though, when Cage stated that it was merely a tech demo meant to preview the studio’s still-in-development game engine. However – much like the Heavy Rain tech demo before it – it invoked, in many, a profound emotional attachment to its protagonist (voiced by Valorie Curry) and sparked a genuine curiosity about the future of gaming.

But we haven’t lost interest in what Quantic is really dreaming up next.

A report has surfaced from CVG stating that Cage will be taking the stage at Sony’s E3 press conference next Monday to reveal just that, offering a “glimpse” of what he’s working on next. No title, genre, release date, or general shred of story detail is known about the game, but the shear presence of the outspoken Quantic Dream CEO has us betting on a highlight or two when all is said and done.

CVG also believes that the game Cage will reveal is one of two separate projects in the Quantic Dream pipeline, and both are being developed exclusively for Sony. It’s unclear whether or not they’ll be targeted for release on the PlayStation 3 (as opposed to the PS4) – but given Cage’s frank fondness for the system’s longevity, and the fact that Kara‘s motion capture technology was run on one, it’s not too hard to imagine.

Quantic Dream New Game E3 Sony Conference

Ostensibly – simply by watching Kara’s seven-minute brush with death – Quantic Dream’s next game will make generous use of the studio’s new animation engine and craft a thematically complex narrative that’s not beholden to any one genre. It would sound a lot Heavy Rain 2 if Cage didn’t rule a sequel out last October, but then again, the fact that he also believes Heavy Rain “opened doors” for innovation in gaming has us eager to see the room Quantic walks into.

Ranters, impending E3 announcement or not, Quantic Dream is definitely one of the more exciting developers to watch this year. What would you like to see in their next game(s)? How much will the elements from Kara influence their direction?

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Source: CVG