Quantic Dream Considering Multi-platform Future

David Cage, Heavy Rain

Quantic Dreams founder David Cage is a proponent of unique game play experiences. After bringing us the wildly original Heavy Rain we knew there was a ton of potential contained within this imaginative mind. Now comes word that Quantic Dreams might potentially expand their horizons with future projects.

In what could be a big loss for the PlayStation 3 exclusive-games library, Quantic Dream’s founder and director of Heavy Rain, David Cage, recently spoke about the possibility of leaving the Sony umbrella and going multi-platform for the company's future releases. His thinking is in no way related to the performance of Heavy Rain on the PS3, however.In fact, he reiterated his feelings that the PlayStation 3 was the correct console for Quantic Dreams' first next-generation release:

"It was the right platform for what we wanted to achieve, it was the platform with the Blu-ray disc, promoting movies, promoting a more sophisticated entertainment experience."

But now that Heavy Rain has been successful and the brand of Quantic Dream has been further enhanced, Cage does not shy away from possibly taking future games to other consoles:

"The question is more for us now, with Heavy Rain it was right, but after Heavy Rain the question can be asked whether we should stick to one platform or open out to different platforms. Now that we’re established why are we limiting ourselves to one share of the market when we can reach more. There are pros and cons and it’s not an easy decision."

At this point in time, Quantic Dream isn’t actively pursuing anything with any other consoles but is instead feeling out the competition in order to make a more informed decision. A move to multi-platform releases would not be new ground for Quantic Dream as it did release Heavy Rain's forerunner, Indigo Prophecy, on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC, and Xbox 360.

Heavy Rain was a one of a kind experience that must be played to be understood. Any outsider that looks at the game from afar can pass judgment at the drop of the hat without even really knowing the incredibly cinematic experience they were missing. And unfortunately, being only available for the PS3 restricted the game’s potential sales. Perhaps with added Move support, the game will draw even more followers. Quantic Dream’s decision to reach out to other consoles seems like a no-brainer at this point. The company has created a fan base that will look to them to deliver another unique experience akin to Heavy Rain, and with a wider platform upon which to release, those established fans can bring in new ones.

At this time, there is no confirmed word as to what Quantic Dream’s next project will be. Although it would be a treat to return to the mechanics and the world created in Heavy Rain, I would rather take some of the ideas contained within it and apply those to a new intellectual property.

What do you think Quantic Dream's next move should be Ranters? Should they stick with the PS3 or branch out to other consoles? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Games Industry Biz

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