In celebration of the series’ 20th anniversary, developer Machine Games release a brand new episode of the classic first-person shooter Quake as a gift to fans.

After Bethesda and id Software made a successful return to the long-running DOOM franchise with the well-received reboot back in May, there was some speculation as to whether another classic FPS series, Quake, could also receive a new entry. To the surprise of fans, a new entry titled Quake Champions was announced at Bethesda’s E3 showcase this year, and not only does the title mark the first entry in the series in 11 years, but its announcement also coincided with the franchise’s 20th anniversary. The long-standing history of the series has not been lost on developer Machine Games, and the studio have decided to celebrate it in a very nostalgic way.

In a trip back down memory-lane, Machine Games has made a brand new Quake episode in honor of the classic-shooter’s 20th birthday, and made it free to all on Bethesda’s website. The studio evidently recognizes the value in celebrating gaming anniversaries, especially for a series as iconic as Quake‘s, and this new level will not only please older fans of the franchise, but it will help generate some goodwill for the upcoming Quake Champions.

Happy 20th to Quake @idsoftware! As a gift to the fans, we created a new episode of the game
— machinegames (@machinegames) June 24, 2016

With Machine Games having contributed to the recent DOOM reboot, the original creators of Quake and DOOM, id Software, had nothing but praise for the new episode.

Thanks to our friends at @MachineGames for celebrating #Quake’s 20th bday w/ this terrific new episode of the game!
— id Software (@idSoftware) June 24, 2016

Interestingly, Quake isn’t the only classic FPS to receive a brand new level this year. Just a couple of months ago, the co-creator of the original DOOM, John Romero, dropped a brand new map for the classic 1993 game, although that motivations behind that release was more to promote his new shooter project rather than to celebrate the franchise.

While it won’t take long for Quake fans to get up to speed with Machine Games’ new level, it’s a different story for the upcoming Quake Champions. Outside of the initial CG reveal trailer, not much is known about the upcoming arena multiplayer shooter, there has been speculation that the title will some MOBA style gameplay elements due to the usage of the word “champions” and what appears to be specific character builds available to players.

With not much known about Quake Champions, and its release date still unknown at this point, fans can tide themselves over for now with that new classic Quake episode until new announcements and reveals are dropped in the upcoming months.

The release date for Quake Champions has yet to be announced, and so far its only confirmed platform is PC.

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