Quake Champions Raw Gameplay Footage Features ZeRo4

Quake Champions Gameplay Video Featuring ZeRo4

Bethesda's released some raw gameplay footage of a Quake Champions team match featuring prominent competitive Quake player ZeRo4. This is one of the first opportunities people will get to see uncut Quake Champions action, with previous trailers focusing on flashy highlights and Champion skill-sets. It's a mix of core arena shooter gameplay, quick movements and precision aim, with the new character-based skills that makes Quake Champions unique.

ZeRo4 is playing the Champion known as Anarki. Anarki's an old Arena Lord from Quake 3 Arena, but he's got a new bag of tricks in Quake Champions. His main ability is named Injection, allowing Anarki to heal himself and also permanently boost his maximum health. It also has an after effect of increased speed for 5 seconds. ZeRo4 also uses Anarki's other, passive ability which increases his strafe-jump movement speed and mid-air control to bunny hop. Obviously, ZeRo4 plays Anarki quite well.

The arena being used in the PC exclusive is named Blood Covenant, which Quake fans will notice features some classic throwback design to older maps like Campgrounds. It's a sprawling map with a ton of verticality, balconies, tunnels, pillars, and a bridge that's always perfect for a scenic frag or two. And don't forget the blood pool that acts as Blood Covenant's center point. This is Quake, after all. If blood isn't raining from the sky and pooling up from the earth then something is very wrong.

For those unfamiliar with ZeRo4, he's a big name in the scene. His most impressive achievements stem from Quake 3 Arena tournaments back in the early 2000's, where he won two Quakecon tournaments, the 2001 World Cyber Games tournament, and the 2000 CPL. His 2001 Quakecon grand final battle against Fatal1ty is iconic competitive Quake. It's extremely symbolic to see him helping make Quake Champions a reality in 2017.

Bethesda also figured that releasing footage in trailer form of high-level Quake Champions gameplay would be a great opportunity to announce the game's first major tournament. And what better location to hold the tournament than this year's Quakecon in Dallas. Bethesda's holding back on some of the details regarding this tournament, hinting at some surprises, but they did have a bit of info to share regarding how to get involved. A Duel Open Qualifier will be held in the BYOC area of Quakecon, so any amateur Quake players should make sure to secure a BYOC spot when tickets go on sale April 13.

Quake Champions is currently accepting registrations for its upcoming Closed Beta, which starts April 6. The online multiplayer arena shooter is currently a PC exclusive and has no announced release date.

Source: Bethesda Softworks

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