Quake's Protagonist Ranger Joins Quake Champions Roster

Quake Champions Adds Ranger

Quake Champions is welcoming Ranger to its growing roster. Quake fans may remember Ranger as the original protagonist franchise's genesis. Ranger will join Quake Champions wearing his recognizable yellow armor and thick metal Juggernaut helmet. His power in Quake Champions, as all characters in the game have their own unique power, channels a major plot point in the original Quake: teleportation.

Ranger's unique ability is named the Dire Orb, which he can shoot like any projectile and then teleport to the Dire Orb's location. Passively the Dire Orb will deal damage to any enemy that it touches and when it reaches its max distance it will explode, so long as Ranger hasn't teleported to it. Naturally, the Dire Orb can be used by Ranger to telefrag his enemies as well. It just wouldn't be Quake if you couldn't.

Champions also get a unique passive ability in addition to their active ability, and Range is no different. His passive ability goes by the name Son of a Gun and reduces all self-damage by 25%. While it's somewhat odd that Ranger's passive doesn't offer much unique synergy with his active ability, perhaps players can get creative with rocket jumps or melee-distance rockets.

The addition of Ranger brings Quake Champions' total roster size to nine characters, but obviously the roster has plenty of room left. The devs are only just getting to the protagonist of the first game in the franchise, which means that Bitterman, protagonist of Quake 2, could be next.

And let's not forget that Quake 3 featured 32 unique characters across its 7 tiers of AI difficulty. Some fans expect characters like Quake 3 final boss Xaero to make it into the game, alongside fan favorites like Bones, Keel, and Doomguy.

There's still plenty of time to fill out the roster between now and Quake Champions' eventual launch. The online multiplayer arena shooter is currently in its early Closed Beta phase and will likely remain so for quite a while.

While the plan, tentatively, is to fully launch Quake Champions in 2017 there remains a lot of information left to share about the game. That includes its monetization scheme in particular, though other details like launch details and potential eSports plans are also likely on the table.

Quake Champions is currently in its Closed Beta phase, exclusively on PC. The multiplayer arena shooter remains tentatively planned to launch fully in 2017.

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