Quake Champions has been in closed beta since April, but now the game is finally set to enter its early access period. Beginning August 22nd, players can buy their way into the early access period for Quake Champions by purchasing the Champions Pack for $29.99, which is 25% off the final price of $39.99 when the game releases properly in 2018.

The Champions Pack will grant access to all current and future playable characters added to the game. Purchasing the Champions Pack seems like the best course of action for those that plan on playing Quake Champions on a long term basis, as it will grant them access to popular characters like Doom Slayer and BJ Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein. However, it will be possible to play Quake Champions without spending a dime when the game exits early access next year.

Publisher Bethesda hadn’t decided on a pricing model at first, but we now know Quake Champions will primarily be a free-to-play experience, with the option of purchasing the Champions Pack or individual champions. While getting early access for new players will require one to purchase the Champions Pack, those that have been playing the closed beta will get a taste of the game’s eventual free-to-play nature, as they will be able to keep playing for free.

quake champions lightning gun

Quake Champions‘ move into early access will be marked by a significant update that is set to add a slew of new content to the fast-paced shooter. Besides the previously mentioned Doom Slayer joining the roster of playable characters on August 22nd, Quake Champions is also getting two new maps, new challenges, collectible lore items to unlock skins, new customization options, and more.

As the game nears its full release, expect id Software and Bethesda to release even more content for it, especially if the game finds success in its early access phase. While new characters and maps are a given, it’s possible that id Software will make some important changes to the way the game plays, or maybe its free-to-play model will be tweaked ahead of launch.

Before fans can get too concerned with any changes coming to the game later on, all eyes should be on Quake Champions‘ August 22nd early access release date. Its popularity in early access could go a long way in determining how much support Quake Champions receives between now and launch, and whether or not fans will ever get a console version.

Quake Champions enters early access on PC beginning August 22nd, with a free-to-play version coming in 2018.

Source: Bethesda