PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will release on Xbox One later this year as a console launch exclusive and the game will be one of the biggest titles out on the console this year. As the hype builds for its console debut, Microsoft is reportedly looking to put a new deal in place for the game.

Speaking to Bloomberg, “people familiar with the matter” claim that Microsoft is now looking to extend its PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Xbox One exclusivity deal. The report explains that although exclusivity deals “typically” last for three months, Microsoft could potentially ensure that the game is a console exclusive to Xbox One until the middle of 2018 or even longer. Responding to the report in a statement, Microsoft said that the team is solely focused on improving the PC and Xbox One versions of the game right now and that there is “nothing further to announce” at this time.

While Microsoft is neither confirming or denying the contents of the report, an extension of the deal would make business sense. Microsoft has already confirmed that it will be publishing the Xbox One version of PUBG and the company is counting on the battle royale game to help sell its new console, the Xbox One X.


The Xbox One X doesn’t have a major title on launch day but it does have several big name games with Xbox One X enhancements this holiday season. PUBG is one of these and the interesting surrounding the game could potentially be a significant system-seller as a result. Understandably, Microsoft doesn’t want a possible release on a rival console to steal its thunder.

If Microsoft and Bluehole successfully work out the terms of the deal and the plan goes ahead, some will be wondering what this means for any other PUBG release plans. This week, Bluehole’s founder also confirmed that the company is in talks with Sony to bring PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to PS4. However, if Microsoft wants to have the multiplayer game all to itself for much longer, then PS4 players could be waiting until holiday 2018 to play it for themselves.

That’s incredibly disappointing for PS4 players who have been keen to try their hand at the game, taking out opponents to win themselves a few chicken dinners. But with Bluehole set to introduce new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds maps, game modes and other content in the coming months, hopefully, PS4 players will feel that the wait is worth it.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is out now for PC and will release later in 2017 for Xbox One.

Source: Bloomberg