PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fans excitedly logged in just over a week ago to try out the new Sanhok map in the popular Battle Royale game. Unfortunately, despite being out for such a short amount of time, a major exploit has already been discovered.

The exploit in question can be found just outside of the village Na Kham, and it enables players to completely hide under the ground, appearing invisible to other players. Players walking through the affected area actually stand on the terrain underneath the ground, not the top surface that’s actually visible. Players’ legs will appear as though they’re calf-deep in mud while they’re standing over the area of the exploit. Because space exists between the underlying terrain and the surface, a player can become completely hidden if they become prone.

Unfortunately, this bug gives an unfair advantage to PUBG players who find themselves in the area, as anyone willing to use an exploit can hide extremely effectively or use the area to lure other players into an unfair defeat. Thankfully, this exploit will only have an impact on players that are near it, and as the play area is regularly revised, most players can probably make it through a match without being impacted. Until it’s fixed, it’s advisable to avoid the area of the exploit, as other players could easily be lurking there waiting to take out their opponents.

PUBG‘s developers took extra time with the Sanhok map, delaying its release and spending a long period of time testing the map on the game’s experimental server. Unfortunately, it would appear that this exploit wasn’t discovered at that time. The game’s developers have recently been putting forth a significant effort to improve the game, even going so far as to pursue legal action against hackers responsible for developing cheats. With any luck, PUBG Corporation will quickly take notice of this exploit and patch it to prevent it from potentially ruining players’ games.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is out now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.