PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one hugely popular game. The battle royale title has sold over 10 million copies while still in early access and it seems that it appeals to everyone from the average PC gamer to internationally known musicians.

One such musician who is a big PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fan is Deadmau5 who tried to stream his time playing duos yesterday. But the fun didn’t last long as the DJ soon found that he and his teammate had been stream sniped, which is where someone watches a stream in order to get the jump on a player, identifying their position and snuffing them out.

After realizing that he was being stream sniped, Deadmau5 quit the game and ended the stream, before writing on Twitter that stream sniping is “terrible.” The DJ also implored PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer Bluehole to make a “stream safe option” for the game.

Stream sniping is already a serious problem with Battlegrounds and Bluehole has also made it a bannable offense. So when the player who stream sniped the duo confessed to it on Twitter, saying it was “payback” for the duo killing him earlier, other players pointed out that it wouldn’t be long until they were banned from the game. Deadmau5 also tweeted that when streaming the game in future, he “should probably hide server info, and drop location” and that the situation had taught him “some tricks to avoid that in the future.”

Bluehole is already working on some major updates for the game, including the release of a brand new map. But many will agree with Deadmau5 that the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds team will need to do even more to make the game safe for streamers. In response to the DJ, some did suggest streaming the game with a 30 second delay, but as this can remove the interactivity from a stream it’s not an ideal solution. Perhaps Bluehole can introduce something that will keep streams as enjoyable as they are, but without people ruining the fun.

With the game set to release on Xbox One later this year and with the game’s playerbase continuing to grow, the problem with stream sniping is only set to get worse. If Bluehole doesn’t do anything else to help stamp it out, that is. It will be interesting to see what the developer does next so that no player – whether they be internationally famous or not – doesn’t have their Battlegrounds experience ruined by a stream sniper.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is out now on PC. The game is scheduled to release on Xbox One in 2017.

Source: Deadmau5 – Twitter, PCGamesN

Image source: Wikimedia Commons – Deadmau5 😀Creative Commons License