PUBG Update Adds Popular Apex Legends Feature

Battle Royale games have clearly been a growing trend ever since PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds hit early access back in 2017, and now with many other battle royale games out there, many are accused of copying various mechanics from one another. Now it seems that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is the one accused of copying mechanics, specifically from the latest popular battle royale game Apex LegendsApex introduced many helpful mechanics that were innovations to the battle royale genre, but one that PUBG seemed to like is the ability to auto-equip attachments.

The new feature made its way to the console version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, marking the first update that has hit console but not PC. With the update, players will now be able to auto-equip attachments to the various weapons in the game without having to manually go into the inventory screen. The feature can be toggled on and off through the game options for those who want the traditional PUBG experience. After accusations arose of Fortnite copying Apex Legends features, it's perhaps no surprise that PUBG would also follow suit, though not with a feature that most people think of when referencing Apex Legends.

Fortnite and Apex Legends typically add content in waves due to their seasonal content model, while PUBG adds its new content randomly as it is finished. This means that PUBG is often not in the spotlight due to its sporadic content updates. Eyes are currently on Apex Legends as the Apex Legends Season 2 start date is right around the corner, so accusations of copying features are gaining more attention by fans of the new battle royale. Regardless, it's a much smaller feature than the ping system or respawn mechanics that Apex is known for, so perhaps this will be the only feature PUBG takes inspiration from.

While PUBG 2 is likely not going to happen, fans looking for more PUBG content have something to look forward to. A new narrative-focused PUBG game is currently in development, and while there are few details out about the game at the moment, it is led by a former Dead Space and Call of Duty developer which means it may have a pretty solid staff working on it. Hopefully, it will feature the tactical, strategy-driven combat that PUBG fans know and love, but until more details come out fans will just have to stick to the battle royale.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is out now for iOS, Android, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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