PT’s One Year Anniversary: Fans Reflect on What Could Have Been

By | 1 year ago 

It’s crazy to think that one year ago (to the day) a mysterious demo known as P.T. hit the PlayStation Store, and yet here we are. At the time, few knew what P.T. was, but the prospect of Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and director Guillermo Del Toro working together on a horror game was intriguing all on its own. Then, when it was finally revealed that P.T. was a playable teaser for a new Silent Hill game titled Silent Hills, fans were sent into a tizzy.

However, as we all know, P.T. was one of the unfortunate casualties of the Kojima/Konami fallout. Although the source of the conflict seems to be studio conditions and potential exploitation, its reach was far wider. Now, we have a situation where Kojima Productions is now referred to as Konami L.A., Kojima’s name is not officially on the Metal Gear Solid 5 box art, and the Silent Hill franchise is back in the library.

Still, it’s interesting to reflect back on the last year for P.T. and how it gave survival horror the jolt it needed. Since P.T.’s reveal, gamers have seen developers (indie and triple-A) pursue experiences that try to replicate the Silent Hills teaser’s experience, either in part or in full. Games like Until Dawn and Alison Road want to offer unique spins on horror, and hopefully give fans something as unexpected as P.T. In fact, one fan and fledgling developer even dedicated his time to recreating P.T. in Unity, so those who may not have downloaded it can experience the demo.

Taking things a step further, some players have begun poking through P.T. to try to find even more clues within the demo. As most know, Hideo Kojima is a fan of clues – to the point some think he even predicted his departure from Konami in a Metal Gear Solid cutscene. Whether that is true or not, however, is up for debate, but the below video shows that P.T. does hide a chilling secret at the very beginning.

As readers can see in the video above, the menacing ghost named Lisa actually appears very early on in the game, but players had to be eagle-eyed to notice her. But make no mistake, she is there and she is as creepy as ever.

While gamers continue to find secrets tucked away in P.T. many are still hoping that the project might one day find new life. We know that Kojima and Del Toro still hope to work together, but unfortunately Konami owns the rights to Silent Hill. However, if Del Toro and Kojima can capture the same magic they did with P.T., we doubt gamers would care what the IP is.

One year later, how do you look back on the P.T. release? Is Silent Hills one of the most talked about games that never made it to development?

Source: Polygon