PT Hack Makes Silent Hills Prequel Even More Terrifying

When Konami released a short horror experience named P.T. in 2014, the company had no idea that it had just made history: many fans consider it one of the best horror games of all time, a feat all the more amazing when one considers that P.T. really only existed to build up hype for Silent Hills. Despite the game being five years old and largely unavailable, a recent in-game camera hack has revealed an unsettling fact about the game that will have gamers looking over their shoulders.

Players who braved their way through 2014's P.T. - which was directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro - will remember that the game's horrifying antagonist, Lisa, seemed to always be near: odd shadows of a spastically twitching figure would intermittently cast in front of the player, but turning around revealed that the shadows had no source. Similarly, sometimes it would sound like Lisa was just behind the player, but a quick 180 would prove fruitless.

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Now, a YouTuber named Lance McDonald has injected some of his own code into P.T. that allowed him to keep the camera still while the player moved forward, revealing that an in-game form of Lisa actually was behind the player the whole time - and it's just as unsettling as one would think:

McDonald has been tinkering with the game's code for several months now, and found that he was able to replace the game's zoom camera code with some of his own, allowing for a static camera view that wouldn't be accessible otherwise. The results of his efforts, as shown above, are quite creepy.

The YouTuber claims that he's made several other interesting discoveries over the last few months spent tinkering with the game's code. He plans to release a YouTube video showing the extent of these discoveries in the near future, though they're likely not for the faint of heart. Given that only a select amount of gamers can reinstall P.T., it's fortuitous that someone who could has gone on to contribute this neat bit of information that has laid dormant since 2014.

Despite the brevity from Konami's old teaser, there are plenty of horror games inspired by P.T. currently available for fans brave enough to take a swing at them. While no horror game has managed to ultimately match the fan frenzy that P.T. made when it released some five years ago, even Konami's short iconic horror experience will have something creep behind it eventually.

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