P.T.: How To Get The Silent Hills Playable Teaser Back

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When Konami's P.T. first released five years ago, it took the gaming community by storm. Not only was it one of the most frightening video game experiences around, taking over both YouTube and Twitch, but it was also revealed to be a “playable teaser” for something even more exciting, a new game from Konami and Hideo Kojima called Silent Hills.

Disappointment quickly followed with the announcement that Silent Hills would be canceled and Konami was removing P.T. entirely from online stores with no way to for players to re-download it. But, for those willing to put in the hard yard, there is still a way to download P.T. and start playing the game today.

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First off, only those who had originally downloaded P.T. before it was removed from the PlayStation Store will be able to re-download the game using this method. Unfortunately, for those that missed out the first time, there’s still no known way to obtain P.T. Back in 2015, YouTuber 'MoreUse' uploaded a video showing viewers how to re-download the game even after it had been deleted from there hard-drive and it appears that many users have successfully used this method as recently as yesterday!

In order to download P.T., players will need to download a program called Squid onto their PC and access their PSN games library through a proxy server. By inputting specific server information under Settings > Network > Lan Cable on PS4, players can access their library and bypass any prior restrictions. As P.T. still appears in the PSN library as an owned title, only unavailable for new purchase through the PSN Store, it can now be downloaded again.

This method has resurfaced online following the fifth anniversary of P.T. and many users have reported the method still works as recently as yesterday. Anyone attempting to re-download P.T. should be aware that there is no guarantee that this will work for everyone, or that it's entirely safe given that third-party software is required. While many users reported their success, a number of users on the original Gamexeon thread also reported multiple issues when using the method including bricking their PS4.

One thing that can be confirmed is that for anyone that does successfully download P.T., the game is fully playable in its original glory. A Redditor claimed back in November 2018 that an update had been released that caused the game to be unplayable for some, however, it's been confirmed by Konami that this was not the case.

Konami's P.T. can be downloaded now on PS4 to those who already own it.

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