P.T. Spiritual Successor Allison Road is Back in Development

PT Spiritual Successor Allison Road Hits Kickstarter - Allison Road's face

Chris Kesler, formerly of Lilith Ltd., announces that he will finish development of the P.T. spiritual successor Allison Road with new studio Far From Home.

The last couple of years have seen horror gaming fans subjected to a rollercoaster of emotions. First they were introduced to Hideo Kojima's exciting new take on the Silent Hill franchise through the terrifying playable teaser P.T., and then it was announced that the project was cancelled. Then an indie developer by the name of Christian Kesler created a studio called Lilith Ltd., with the hopes of continuing P.T.'s legacy with a spiritual successor called Allison Road. That game was cancelled a few months ago with little to no explanation, but now it's apparently back in development.

Kesler made the announcement earlier today, along with the news that he has started a new studio, called Far From Home. Even so, Kesler plans on finishing work on Allison Road solo, as he believes all the most difficult parts of development for the game have already been completed. However, if it needs new features or gameplay mechanics, Kesler will have to bring on others to help him complete the project.

Unfortunately, Kesler didn't clarify why Allison Road was cancelled in the first place, or why he has decided to create a brand new studio to finish work on the game. It's possible that Kesler had a dispute with Allison Road's publisher Team17, but that's just speculation at this time, and in fact, it's unknown if that company is still handling publishing duties for the indie horror game or not.

Allison Road Revives PT Silent Hills Style

While Kesler didn't provide specifics as to why Allison Road was canned, it appears as though the game's development was causing him some stress. He stated that he had to do "soul searching" after the game was cancelled to find the drive to work on the game again. It was during that period that he decided to make some changes to the game's story, and felt inspired enough to finish Allison Road.

When Allison Road will actually finish development remains to be seen. According to its failed Kickstarter campaign, Allison Road was going to be released this year, but with only one person continuing its development, it's hard to say if it will meet its 2016 deadline. It seems like a 2017 release date is probably more realistic, especially since development on the game was stalled for a few months following its cancellation.

However long it takes to finish the game, hopefully fans of P.T. aren't let down by another cancellation of its spiritual successor Allison Road. If Kesler is unable to complete the project and is forced to cancel it for a second time, fans are likely to lose faith in Allison Road entirely, if they haven't already.

Allison Road is in development for PC.

Source: IGN

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