After a surprise reveal, the crowdfunded sequel to the beloved Psychonauts has already managed to break the $1 million mark, with the amount continuing to climb.

In a show that featured a digital Shaquille O’Neal performing karate and a tease of the Dark Knight getting the Telltale Game treatment, it was the revelation that a poor-selling platformer was coming back that really got people talking. When Double Fine president Tim Schafer took to the stage at the Game Awards to reveal that Psychonauts was getting a sequel, fans of the critically beloved title could hardly believe their ears.

But, like Broken Age before it, Schafer revealed that Raz and company would require public funding to see the light of day. Skipping the more popular Kickstarter, Psychonauts 2 went live on Fig, a recently launched crowdfunding service that seeks to turn fans willing to put big money down into investors. And to reach fruition, Psychonauts 2 would require big money; specifically, Schafer and Double Fine were asking for a whopping 3.3 million dollars.

A tall order, to be sure, but fans of the offbeat series quickly took to Fig to support the title. With tiers promising backers rewards such as art books, plush Raz dolls, and a full-blown summer camp trip, fans were quick to plunk down money, leading to the game accumulating over $1 million in less than 24 hours.

Psychonauts 2 trailer Raz

With over a third of its asking amount now raised, the Psychonauts 2 Fig continues to climb, with the amount raised sitting at $1,046,621 as of this writing.

With Double Fine promising that Psychonauts 2 will bring fan favorite character Razputin into the shadowy world of the psychonauts, it is expected the fans wishing to see Raz’s story continue will keep contributing to the title.

But while Psychonauts 2’s early success bodes well for the title, gamers have expressed hesitation at contributing to the campaign considering Double Fine’s previous issues with crowdfunding. While the studio’s point-and-click title Broken Age managed to rake in over $3 million in funding, it ultimately went over budget and had to be released in sections, leading to many backers questioning what became of the money that was put down for the title.

Despite some trepidation, it seems as though Psychonauts 2 will ultimately reach it’s funding. Minecraft creator Marcus “Notch” Persson previously expressed interest in helping to fund a Psychonauts sequel, so it is obvious that there is plenty interest in the series returning. But it remains to be seen if Double Fine fares runs into more snags with the crowdfunding of Psychonauts 2.

Source: Fig