PSPGo Gets $50 Price Cut

PSPGo Price Cut

As we near the next iteration of the PSP, it seems only logical for the current generation of the hardware to get a price cut in order to make it a bit more palatable. Sony's current version, the PSPGo, is getting its price lowered in the North American, Japanese, and European markets.

For those who were thinking of picking up the PSPGo in the U.S., the price has now been taken from $249 to $199. In Japan, the console has been taken from 26,800 yen to 16,800 yen, a bigger price drop than the U.S. received but, considering the greater consumption of the handheld in said country, it’s expected. And finally, in the UK the price has been taken from £225 to £159.99. Head over to your local retailer today to reap the benefits of this awesome new deal.

With the new God of War game just releasing, I bet a lot of gamers are happy to learn that picking up a PSPGo will be that much more affordable. Moving forward, Sony has got to be looking towards the future. PSP2 dev kits are out in the wild, and it is only a matter of time before the current PSP becomes obsolete, especially considering the discontinuation of dev kits for the system. Soon, gamers can begin looking to the new console for their handheld gaming fix.

Knocking down the PSPGo price may the best way to convince gamers that, as a company, Sony has the ability to create a platform that is able to compete with both Nintendo’s current DS and the forthcoming 3DS. Granted, it could be hard to get gamers to pick up a handheld that may have been sitting on their nightstands collecting dust, but there are still plenty of PSP gems, like Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, that provide some great pick up and play entertainment.

Does the PSPGo price cut give you the motivation to pick up the handheld console, or would you rather just wait for the next version of the PSP?

Source: Industry Gamers

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