Sony Sends PSP2 Dev Kits to Big Name Developers

Whether you are anticipating it or not the PSP2 is a reality. It might not seem like there is a tremendous market for the handheld console at this juncture, what with all of the hullabaloo over the 3DS, but I am certain that a large number of gamers will be excited to hear that, according to a number of Develop industry sources, development kits for the PSP2 have been sent out to major players in the video game industry.

Looking to have a bigger impact on the industry than the PSP, Sony is firing on all cylinders in an effort to get some triple-A titles available for the launch of the handheld. Like Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference, Sony wants to get games into development that will increase anticipation for the console.

No word has come through as to which developers have their hands on the development kits, aside from NetherRealm Studios who recently spoke out on the PSP2’s hardware, but I would suspect that any and every major developer had the kit offered to them.

As a handheld gaming console, the PSP2 is going to have to make a huge splash in order to take back the market from Nintendo. With the DS and mobile gaming ruling the roost, so to speak, Sony has an uphill battle ahead of them. September 29th, the date where we hopefully learn all about the 3DS, is certainly going to set the precedent for the future of handhelds and Sony would be foolish to not be working on creating competition.

Sony has put their best foot forward by making their new tech available to developers. With a solid game lineup and hopefully some better innovations than the PSP Go, Sony could carve out its own niche in the world of handheld gaming. It might not be as revolutionary or catch as many eyes as 3D can, but it certainly would focus on what we all want: great games.

Which games would you like to see available for the PSP2 at launch? Are there any developers who you hope Sony sent a dev kit to?

Source: Develop

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