Rumor Patrol: PSP2 Release Date and Details

The PlayStation Portable 2 system is looking to take portable gaming to new heights. If the latest rumors reported by MVC are correct, by next Christmas gamers will have the opportunity to own what may possibly be the most powerful handheld system in history.

This genuine sequel to the PSP is allegedly "as powerful as the PlayStation 3." The handheld, which will have the potentially blockbuster Nintendo 3DS to deal with, is further said to include an HD screen and twin stick controls.

Unlike the PSPgo, which eliminated the need for UMDs and alienated some retailers, the PSP2 will utilize a physical media format, though it will be capable of downloading content. Phone capabilities may also be included, but the PSP2 remains distinct from the long-rumored PlayStation Phone, which is being worked on by Sony Ericsson.

Sony has allegedly consulted with a number of publishers about the system's release window and their goals for the device. An official PSP2 announcement is expected on January 27, 2011, and Sony reportedly plans to reveal more about the system at events such as the Game Developers Conference and E3 2011.

Developers have long hoped that the PSP2 would include improvements over the original PSP. Some possible design features of the new device have been hinted at through Sony patents as well as leaked  PSP2 development kit images, and if what has been rumored proves true, it does appear that the PSP2 will be highly capable system. Regardless, claiming that a handheld device will be just as powerful as the PlayStation 3 is a bold move. Hopefully, the promise of the system will translate into a quality gaming device.

Given the increasing success and quality of mobile games, PSP2 is going to have to deliver experiences that tower over mobile games in depth and power. With titles like Epic Games and ChAIR Entertainment's Infinity Blade, the mobile envelope is being pushed, and the market is constantly evolving. Sony will have to give gamers something they can't get on mobile phones or tablets. Furthermore, without (presumably) the easily marketable bullet point of 3D, Sony must find a way to clearly communicate the strengths of its new system.

Will the sequel to the PSP be the new premiere handheld gaming device? Can it really be just as powerful as the PlayStation 3?

Source: MCV

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