Rumor Patrol: PSP2 Will Be Announced on January 27th

PSP2 Announcement

This may not be an accurate portrayal of Sony's successor to their handheld device, but according to "trade sources," MCV is confident that the PSP2 will be announced at a Sony press event in Tokyo on the 27th of this month. With the impending release of the 3DS and some very exciting footage from the recent Nintendo World event, this would be as good a time as any for Sony to try to take some of the wind from Nintendo's 3D sails.

We've been consistently reporting on rumors about the PSP2 for months now, and they have all been fairly consistent with each other in confirming that it is not only in development, but far along in the process. Just last month we saw leaked pictures of touch controls for the portable console, and in October there were rumors of a Fall 2011 release date. These pieces of information all seem to make a lot more sense now that there is an apparent confirmation that the system will make it's debut in just a few short weeks.

Sony has released four different models of the PSP since it launched in Japan late in 2004, each of which had their positive and negative attributes. Their latest rendition, the PSPgo, drew the most attention for its lack of UMD drive coupled with Sony's lack of support for the PSN release schedule. Sony has not shown that they know how to effectively market a portable device yet, while the various iterations of the Nintendo DS have all been very well received, selling millions of units each.

The portable wars are just as heated now as they were in 2004, with the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch drawing consumers away from expensive games and handhelds to much more user-friendly and app-populated environments. There may or may not be room in the market for two potentially $300+ handhelds, so the PSP2 is going to have to impress the gaming community if Sony wants to stay competitive with Nintendo and Apple.

What do the Ranters think? Will Sony have learned from the mistakes they made with their previous PSP, or is it just going to be a retread with higher specifications?

Hopefully we will see exactly what Sony has been working on for all these years on January 27, 2011 at the press conference in Tokyo where the PSP2 is rumored to be announced.

Source: MCVUK

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