Rumor Patrol: PSP2 Supports 3G and Has OLED Screen

PSP2 OLED Screen and 3G Rumor

It seems like for every official piece of news regarding Nintendo’s new 3DS system, a new piece of unofficial news drops regarding Sony’s PSP2. With everything from a release date to some of the portable console's tech reportedly being unveiled, the PSP2 is shaping up to be a high-end device for the gamer on the go.

Now, according to a report from Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper, it looks like the PSP2 will be supporting 3G internet service and will have a beautiful OLED screen.

It is certainly a smart move on Sony’s part, if this is true, to include support for 3G in their device. While it might be difficult to compete with the 3DS in terms of its “wow” factor, one area that the PSP2 can surpass Nintendo’s handheld console is with smartphone-esque features.

Currently there is no word as to whether the 3G will come fully supported out of the box, or if there will be an optional monthly fee to make use of it. If Sony does want to blow their competitors out of the water, offering 3G at no extra cost would definitely be the best route, though it seems highly unlikely for that to happen.

By enabling a constant internet connection, the PSP2 can receive updates, download new games, and even browse the web at a reasonable speed. Essentially, the PSP2 would be able to deliver a comparable experience to the iPhone, only with a prettier looking screen.

OLED, as a technology, is allowing television manufacturers to create screens that deliver deeper blacks, have higher contrast, and are much thinner than previous technologies. If OLED is the tech Sony is going for in the PSP2, this could be the next generation of handheld displays, rivaling both the glasses-free 3D technology of the 3DS and the vibrance of Apple’s retina display.

Along with being able to deliver a superior image, OLED also offers all of its visuals without the use of backlight. What this means is that the typical eyestrain that hinders the use of any device — be it a laptop or an iPad — would not be a problem with the PSP2. Sessions that needed to be cut short in order to reduce any ocular problems would be traded for all night handheld marathons.

While we haven’t had any looks that seem as legitimate as the images shown of the PlayStation phone, gamers can expect a very official look at the PSP2 during a Sony event in Japan on January 27. As always, stay tuned to Game Rant for any and all information regarding the PSP2 as it is announced.

How do you feel about Sony including an OLED screen with the PSP2? Do you think OLED screens and the inclusion of 3G will drastically inflate the handheld’s price tag?

Source: IGN

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