HD PSP games on the PlayStation 3

Sony has been a little preoccupied recently, with the whole PSN hacking incident, but apparently they’ve still remained hard at work on upcoming titles for later this year. Sony announced today that a few of the titles they’ve been working on may seem a bit familiar to anyone who owns a PSP – because a lot of people have already played them.

The new ‘PSP Remastered’ series will be hitting the PlayStation 3, and it will bring some of the PSP’s most popular games with it.

The PSP Remastered lineup will reintroduce players to some of the PlayStation Portable’s most popular games, but this time they’ll be in glorious HD. We heard rumors earlier last week that the portable installments of the God of War franchise would be making an HD appearance on the PS3 (in some sort of collection), and it seems that those rumors could very well be the real deal after today’s announcement.

The games will be available on Blu-Ray discs that can be purchased through retailers, but according to Andriasang a few could also be available for download as well.

Additionally, anyone who owns both the PSP and PS3 versions of a game will be able to swap saved data back and forth – allowing players to take their game with them and pick-up where they left off in the comfort of their home. Some games will also be compatible with the PSP’s Ad Hoc mode, and that’s a great option, but this will not be the case for every remastered title.

The titles that will be receiving the remastered treatment have been kept a secret by Sony for the time being, but they did confirm that Monster Hunter 3rd would be the first PSP title coming to the PlayStation 3. Monster Hunter 3rd will appear in HD, but that’s certainly not the only appeal for gamers who want a little more than suped-up graphics. Monster Hunter Portable HD (as it has been renamed for the PS3 release) will have a 3D option – which will certainly be an added bonus for anyone who owns a 3D television. The game will also add the ability to adjust the camera with the right stick on the SIXAXIS controller – an added ability that PSP gamers missed out on.

Check out a Japanese teaser trailer for the remastered, HD version, of Monster Hunter 3rd below:


The ‘PSP Remastered’ series announcement is currently only for Japan, but it’s not a stretch to assume that the games will eventually make their way over to North America. The list of remastered titles is allegedly limited to the best of the best though, so don’t be too distraught if you learn that Gretzky NHL isn’t coming in HD to your PS3. If Sony has more titles planned then odds are they’ll reveal them at this year’s E3 – which is only a few short weeks away.

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What games would you like to see remastered for release on the PlayStation 3?

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Source: Andriasang, Sony