Rumor Patrol: More PSP Phone Rumors, Because We Care

Rumor Patrol- More PSP Phone Rumors, Because We Care

About a month ago, I wrote an article about how Sony and Ericsson may be developing an Android-based PSP phone in the near future. Although the speculation has subsided, a recent job posting by Sony has put this rumor back in the spotlight.

Per the screen shot above, Sony is currently looking for a Senior Server Engineer in their London division. The interesting part is that they are specifically looking for experience in Android mobile development. That’s about it, so there isn’t much to go on. However, Sony and Android in the same sentence makes me think of only one thing: a PSP phone. Of course writers like myself take the ball and run with it, and the rumors go flying.

Personally, I find these rumors both brilliant and puzzling. In my opinion, releasing a PSP phone would be a brilliant move by Sony. Instead of competing directly with Nintendo’s 3DS on its own terms by simply trying to add 3D support to the new PSP, Sony can go in a completely different direction with the next generation of their mobile device. Yet I still wonder who the target market for the PSP phone would be. Is it Marcus, the kid from Sony’s current advertising campaign? Or is it adult professionals who happen to be into gaming (and want to check on their trophies while on the go)?

The mobile gaming market is like the TV show Lost right now, where all we have is questions. It’s not fair to speculate so much about a simple job posting, when we have such little information to go on. What we do know is that the next generation of mobile gaming is going to rip this market wide open. The iPad is rocking, the 3DS looks too good to be true and Sony is going to have something up their sleeve one way or another.

I guess we writers speculate so much because this next generation of mobile gaming will be such an exciting time for the market. Think about it, you don’t fault people for talking about who they think will win the next Super Bowl. So, then you shouldn’t fault us for talking about this. Well, OK, you can fault us just a little.

So, Ranters, does anybody with Android experience want to move to London and help Sony with whatever it is they’re working on? And if so, will you drop me a line with some inside info?

Source: Droid Gamers, Sony

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