PSP Outselling Recently Released 3DS in Japan

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Though many would figure that since the Nintendo 3DS is the hot new console of the moment it would be all the rage across the world including in its home country of Japan. Unfortunately, according to last week’s Japanese console sales numbers the 3DS came in at a distant second, with the PSP taking the top spot.

Yes, there is no need to check your eyes, what you are reading is in fact true as the PSP is currently outselling the 3DS in Japan, at a ratio of 3:1. What does this mean for the recently released console? Probably nothing, but it’s very interesting to hear it is playing second fiddle to the PSP.

There are, of course, several factors to weigh in when comparing the 3DS to the PSP many of which boil down to the issues of price and content. Pricing in at around $250, the 3DS is still a riskier proposition for early adopters especially considering the console’s lackluster launch titles.

At a more reasonable price the PSP is the perfect purchase for the gamer-on-the-go — which encompasses a large portion of the Japanese population. Games like Monster Hunter and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker provide compelling experiences that, when combined with the price of the console, are still easier to swallow.

Now, if the 3DS had a launch title that was on par with something like Pokémon Black and White, then these sales numbers would be a completely different story. It takes some time for consoles to really find their legs, and it’s usually the killer apps that help with that process. However, currently the PSP (76,974 units) is king in Japan followed by the 3DS (28,413), the PS3 (23,954), and in a distant fourth place the Wii (maybe a price drop will help).

With Ocarina of Time 3D set to release in June, we expect that this disparity between the PSP and 3DS sales numbers to, at the very least, marginally shrink. Gamers might not flock to an old standard like they would something like Kid Icarus or a fully fledged Mario 3D, but, so early on in a console’s cycle, there is plenty of time to take the crown.

What do you think are the contributing factors for the PSP’s dominance over the 3DS in Japan? Will a triple-A title help eliminate that gap?

Source: Nintendo Everything (via CVG)

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