Rumor Patrol: PSP 2 Alleged to have the Touch

PSP2 Touch Screen

Word has it that Sony’s PSP 2 will have touch-sensitive controls. This has been speculated for awhile, but this time around we have more details on the new unit, including the location of the controls, which are said to be on the back of device. Crazy!"

Given the dominance of the Nintendo DS and the emergence of the iPhone in the handheld market, it was a no brainer that Sony would attempt to integrate touch controls in the next iteration of the PSP. Some developers have reported that Sony has been showing off an unfinished product along with first-party titles behind closed doors. The unnamed sources have said that the screen is “rich and detailed” and that the touch controls are located behind the unit. Could Sony be attempting to change the game with a new type of handheld control scheme? No details were given on how well the controls worked or how big the new screen is or what type of format the games will be shipping on.

PSP 2 Touch Control

Developers have said the unit it about the size of the PSP-3000 and speculated that the device would launch sometime near the end of 2011. Back in May we reported that the PSP2 was rumored to have front and back facing cameras and possibly 3G capabilities. These rumors were not confirmed at Gamescom, but there is a possibility that such features will be demonstrated at the Tokyo Game Show, since the shown model was reportedly “unfinished.” I’m all for the traditional touch-sensitive screen, but having it on the back seems kind of odd. Could the PSP2 actually evolve into the rumored PSP Phone with the game unit in the front and phone controls on the back? That certainly could be a game changer for Sony's handheld division.

Ranters, how do you feel about touch controls on the PSP 2? Would you just prefer a second analog nub, or do you like to touch? Do you think Sony may be onto something with having the controls on the back of the unit?

Source: Eurogamer

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