The tsunami that struck Japan back in March certainly hit close to home for many gamers. While some may argue that Japan’s presence in the gaming industry today isn’t what it was a few years back, none can deny the impact the country has had on gaming, bringing the world some of the most memorable titles to date. Through the PlayStation Store, gamers have been able to donate money to help aid non-profit organizations in the Japan relief effort.

The PSN relief effort began on March 21st, and enabled users to donate in denominations of either $2, $5, $10, $25 or $50. One could donate as many times as they liked, and contributors were rewarded with a free PSN theme for PlayStation 3 the first time they did so. In total, just over 1.5 million dollars was was donated to the PSN Tsunami Relief Fund, and all of it is going to non-profit organizations.

Sony also gave a breakdown of how much each territory has donated. The PAL regions donated the most at $877, 591, followed by the North American region at $425, 576. Japanese gamers themselves donated a total of $296, 388, and the other Asian countries gave $27, 189.

All the donations from the PSN Tsunami Relief Fund will go to non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross, the British Red Cross for Europe and the Red Feather Community Chest Movement for Japan and Asia. There is still time to donate if one has not yet, so if you’re interested in helping out with the relief effort(s) in Japan go to the “Aid Japan” section in the PlayStation store and select how much you would like to donate.

It truly is heart warming to see gamers come together and help by donating to the relief fund. Every little bit counts so those of you who could only spare two dollars or so are just as important to the effort as those who donated the maximum amount. Did you donate to the PSN Tsunami Relief?

Source: IGN

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