Although the restoration of PSN services has begun in various parts of the world, the home country of the company from which the service originated has not been so lucky. While the U.S. is already knee deep in PS3 online gaming, Japan is being forced to wait until Sony passes a few security reviews before they can gain access to the PlayStation Network.

The Media and Content Industry department of the Ministry of Economy must deliver approval before the PSN can be brought online. In order for that approval to be passed down, Sony needs to demonstrate that they have improved the network in two key areas, which, so far, they have yet to do.

The first area that Sony has yet to show their promised improvement is in preventative measures. According to the Director of the Media and Content Industry department, in Sony’s press conference on May 1st, they outlined several areas that needed improvement, but have not since followed through will their plans.

Though this doesn’t necessarily mean that the PSN that gamers are enjoying at this moment is unsafe, it does indicate that Sony is having a hard time delivering the service improvements they promised to their publishing partners last week.

As well as increased preventative measures, Sony was also required to demonstrate the ways in which they plan to regain consumer confidence. Sony has outlined a “welcome back” program that offers a wide variety of goodies for gamers, but that is only one element of the operation. We figure that the Ministry of Economy is more focused on goodwill gestures like Sony’s identity theft insurance offering than a one month trial of PlayStation Plus.

Clearly Sony has a lot more work ahead of them before Japan approves the PSN restoration, but we anticipate the service will begin to pop online for many countries around the globe. Unfortunately, it might be the country that gets a lot of Sony’s titles first that gains access to the PSN last.

Do you think that the U.S. should have imposed the same regulations on Sony before allowing the PSN to be brought online? Now a month after the attack, are you still worried about any misuse of your personal data?

Source: Fox Business

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