Sony Calls PSN 'One of the Worldʼs Leading Network Services', Gets Mocked

PlayStation Network

Sony calls the PlayStation Network one of the world's "leading" network services and gets mocked by gamers online. Sony's PSN does have millions of users, but not everyone agrees that the service has the right to to call itself a leading network service as it has so many other problems.

In Sony's Corporate Report 2019, the company says that it saw huge growth of PSN in the financial year that ended on March 31, 2019 and that it is now "one of the worldʼs leading network services." Sony's game and network services business, which is made up of the PlayStation brand and subscription services like PSN and PlayStation Vue, "posted the largest sales and profit ever recorded by a single segment of Sony." This success was down to PSN which "accounts for more than 60% of the segmentʼs sales," wrote Sony.

While those numbers are something to be celebrated, some PSN users have mocked Sony for patting itself on the back. An article about the report by Android Central jokes that "It's beginning to feel like the stars must be aligned and Mercury needs to be in retrograde during a full moon for the PlayStation Network to work properly." On Twitter, users also said that the PSN is "one of the slowest" networks around, while another called the PS4's online infrastructure "a joke."

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It's not uncommon for users to experiences PSN outages, and in August there were two cases where users were unable to access the online services. There was also a PSN outage in June, a month before in May, and there was at least one in February too. While many players understand that 100 million PS4s have been shipped and so the PSN servers are bound to be overloaded, that doesn't make the instability less frustrating.

There are also frustrations with other PSN features. Many were glad when Sony confirmed that PSN name changes would now be possible, but there was misery for some when they realized that changing their PSN names could mean that they face technical issues with their games and DLC, or that progress in online games may be lost.

Sony was also very slow to allow PSN users to enjoy cross-platform play with users on Xbox Live and Nintendo Switch Online. Full crossplay is now possible, but only a handful of games are able to use it. PSN may be making huge amounts of money, but the complaints from fans confirm that just because it's on top, that doesn't mean it's the best.

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Source: Android Central, Sony

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