[UPDATE: All PlayStation Network features seem to be restored on PS3 and PS4. The original article continues below.]

As of the time of this writing, some PlayStation Network features are down for users across PS3 and PS4. These issues have been occurring since this morning to varying degrees.

Users have reported issues launching certain games or accessing online multiplayer functionality. From our own testing, it appears as though it’s now possible to launch games and applications again, though there appears to be some persisting issues with online play. We have also been unable to access our friends list.

Sony is aware of the problem and reportedly has engineers working to resolve it “as soon as possible.” However, we have not been given a timetable as to when PlayStation 3 and 4 users can expect to regain full access to the PlayStation Network. Sony also hasn’t shared what has caused the issue.

PlayStation Experience 2017 PSN name change feature tease

In the past, PlayStation Network has been taken down by hackers, including the infamous Lizard Squad attacks from Christmas 2014. Before fans get worried that this latest outage is the result of another hack, though, they should keep in mind that outages like these are expected from time to time. All the major online video game networks experience issues now and again, and until Sony says otherwise, PS3 and PS4 owners shouldn’t assume the worst.

It’s also worth pointing out that this latest PlayStation Network outage isn’t necessarily as widespread as past ones. In fact, there have been some reports online of users being able to access all PlayStation Network features without trouble. The specific issues with the outage also seem to vary, with some users unable to launch certain games or play online multiplayer, and others only having trouble seeing their friends lists.

We will update this story as soon as PlayStation Network features have been restored for all users or until Sony releases more information on the matter. Here’s hoping the issues are resolved soon and PS3 and PS4 gamers can get back to their gaming without any further interruption.

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