PSN Still Experiencing Issues; Sony Details Quick Fix

PSN Still Down

Despite claims that the PlayStation Network had returned to stability following the Christmas Day DDoS attacks, gamers are still reporting problems logging in to the PSN. In fact, Sony just recently confirmed the connection issues, but have also provided a potential fix for gamers' problems.

Although it seemed like the worst was behind us (thanks to Kim Dotcom), many gamers were still having trouble connecting to PSN following the “all clear” signal over the weekend. Even worse, players who had no problem getting online yesterday are today finding the PSN servers offline.

As far as the new outages are concerned, Sony has not yet provided their own reason. It could be residual downtime from the Christmas Day DDos attacks or even a brand new attack, but no one knows at this point. There's even a possibility that Sony's efforts to bolster security post-attack has impacted PSN's stability.

Thankfully, even though they don't have a bona fide fix for the connection issues, Sony does have a workaround. They recommend that players update their MTU settings, which should in turn allow them to connect to PSN. Here's how to update the settings:

  1. Navigate to [Settings] > [Network].
  2. Here you will find four (4) options, Choose [Set Up Internet Connection].
  3. Now choose either [Use Wi-Fi] or [Use LAN Cable]
    • If using Wi-Fi - Enter your existing access point password and continue below.
    • If using LAN - Continue below.
  4. Choose [Custom] on the next screen.
  5. Select your normal settings for IP Address Settings. (Note: If you do not know this setting use [Automatic].
  6. Select your normal settings for DHCP Host Name. (Note: If you do not know this setting use [Do Not Specify].
  7. Select your normal settings for DNS Settings. (Note: If you do not know this setting use [Automatic].
  8. Select [Manual] for MTU Settings.
  9. Press enter to pull up the keypad and enter a new value and press X.
    • First use the MTU value of 1473.
    • If the connection test is unsuccessful, try the MTU value of 1450.
  10. Select [Next] to continue.
  11. Select your normal settings for Proxy Server. (Note: If you do not know this setting use [Do Not Use].
  12. Next - [Test Internet Connection]
  13. You will see a value under (PSN Sign-In - Successful) if this process was successful.

To say that these PSN and Xbox Live outages have been inconvenient would be to put it mildly. On one of the busiest game-playing days of the year players were left out in the cold, unable to download Day 1 console updates or access some of their favorite online experiences. Some developers tried to make things easier by extending their holiday activities, but only for a few days.

PSN and Xbox Live Down Christmas

Xur's time in Destiny, for example, was extended until tonight, but if gamers still can't log-in that extra time was of little help. Grand Theft Auto Online players also missed out on the snow-covered Los Santos gimmick that only lasted for a short while.

Although Sony wasn't quite as vocal over the Christmas holiday, they seem to be taking a more proactive approach in helping gamers get online. However, after several days without online connectivity, many gamers are surprised that Sony hasn't come forward to say what exactly occurred and how they will prevent it in the future. A workaround is nice, but it's not the ideal situation.

Have you been experiencing any PSN connection problems recently? Did this workaround help you get online?


Source: Sony

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