Sony to Turn PSN Accounts into SEN Accounts

PSN Accounts to Become SEN Accounts

The times they are a changing, especially if you are aligned with or a fan of Sony. First came word that Sony had made Kaz Hirai, former Chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment, the CEO and President of Sony Corp, a bold yet not wholly unexpected move. Then, in just a few weeks, will come the release of the PS Vita, Sony's hot new handheld. And now, another big change is on its way.

Announced via email is a new transition for the company that will see all pre-existing PSN accounts turned into SEN, or Sony Entertainment Network, accounts. The changeover is purely cosmetic, as noted by Sony, but will be a multiplatform transition for everything but the PSP.

Now, to be clear, Sony isn't announcing the death of the PSN, only the transition of PSN accounts into SEN accounts. In fact, nothing aside from the name will change — even account info like user names and passwords -- will stay the same, but now they will be valid on a whole wealth of Sony digital devices, not just your game consoles.

According to the email this move is an effort to "enhance [Sony's] unique digital entertainment offering," a goal they outlined earlier last year when they abandoned the Qriocity namesake in favor of SEN. No word however on whether or not the change will see everything currently branded PSN now titled SEN, but that doesn't seem likely.

After the PSN was put through the wringer last year, it almost feels like this move to the SEN is a chance for Kaz Hirai and Sony to start fresh with the PlayStation consumer. Obviously the PSP is a thing of the past, as indicated by it not getting the SEN switch, but the Vita and the PS3 are still very much of the present.

It might be odd to refer to Sony's online services as the SEN at first, but if it helps us forget the PSN hacks, bring it on.

What do you think of Sony's decision to roll PSN accounts into SEN accounts? Will that make things easier for future Sony devices or does it just complicate things?

Source: IGN


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