Tis the season for magazines to tease World Exclusive Reveals.  It seems like it was only yesterday that we were passing on news of the Official Nintendo Magazine’s “world exclusive details on a top secret new game.” (Editor’s note: because it was.)  Well, now PSM3 which, like the Official Nintendo Magazine, is a Future Publishing property, is getting in on the act.

In the Preview section that ends each issue, the newest PSM3 is promising  “A top secret World Exclusive PS3 reveal” in the June 3rd edition of the magazine.  They also tease “A second World Exclusive reveal.”  Check out this extremely blurry scan:


June 3rd is just 12 short days before Sony’s press conference on the first day of E3 2010.  Could this be one of Sony’s tentpole titles for the show?

Let’s run down some of the more likely possibilities.  Insomniac still hasn’t announced a game for this year, so it could be a new Resistance title.  Maybe Killzone 3 is ready to show.  I’d love it if Naughty Dog had something new (a console Jak & Daxter title, maybe?).  The Last Guardian is certainly my most anticipated PS3 game, but it’s not exactly “top-secret.”  What about inFamous 2?  Not to forget, there has to be something more for PlayStation Move than we’ve already seen.

A final possibility: given that the mag is set to hit a bit before E3, and that Sony might not want to tip its hand quite so soon, perhaps it could be a game that won’t be at the show.  Like, for instance, David Jaffe’s new game.

Okay, Ranters, time to contribute.  What game do you think this might be?  And what do you wish it was?

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

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