Ubisoft Believes That The PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Are A 'Major Leap'


After the official unveiling of the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, fans of both Sony and Microsoft have been wildly speculating on which console would reign supreme in the next-generation, with some dev-kit users claiming that the PS5 is more powerful. While both companies still haven't shared that much information on their current projects aside from a few hardware details, some video game developers are already sharing their insights on the next-generation gaming platforms.

In an interview with Telegraph, Ubisoft's Executive Director for EMEA territories Alain Corre revealed that he is looking forward to the upcoming next-gen consoles, saying that both offerings by Sony and Microsoft are a "major leap." Although Corre admitted that he is unsure how the community will respond to both the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, he explained that both systems will be a step up from the current generations, which is an exciting concept for video game creators.

Corre went on to say that the improved technology, which is what he believes Sony and Microsoft are bringing to the table, allows developers such as Ubisoft to "go into unknown territories and bring something fresh." As an example, Corre revealed that due to advances in AI technology, Ubisoft is able to bring new gameplay, specifically to its upcoming title Watchdogs 3, which was unveiled at E3 2019.

Although Corre believes that both systems are a "major-leap" in gaming, his statements lean towards the improvements in current technology rather than innovative features that would revolutionize the industry as one might expect from the next-gen systems. A couple of days ago, Bayonetta 3 developer, Platinum Games, revealed that while both the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will boast improved loading speeds and graphics, both systems do not actually bring something that's "disruptive or super innovative."

Of course, even though both Sony and Microsoft still hasn't really released that much information on its respective next-gen consoles, it is safe to assume that developers such as Ubisoft and Platinum Games know what they're talking about given that studios are usually given developer kits. Still, given that both the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett is still in active development, it is probably too early to tell whether these upcoming systems will (or will not) revolutionize the gaming industry.

Source: Telegraph

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