New PS5 Rumor Reveals Price and Release Date

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Since the announcement of the PlayStation 5, there has been a whole range of rumors about how it will look and work. One thing consumers have known since its reveal is that the console would see a release in the festive period of 2020. There has now been new information that has surfaced that gives players a specific date for the release of the console.

The PlayStation 5 is the next generation of one of the most successful console franchises of all time. The PS4 has sold over 100 million units and this is because of its quality exclusives and hardware. Naturally, fans will want to see how the new hardware stacks up against this generations console and it looks like they'll be able to make this comparison in November next year.

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The Northern America release date is set for the 20th of November 2020. While other regions will likely have varying release dates because of their different markets and the strategies that go with them. Interestingly, this tweet also reveals the price of the PS5 which is in line with predictions. At $499 the PS5 looks to be a reasonable cost to consumers and is the same price as the PS3 upon its release. Although it should be noted that the PS4 was cheaper, being released at a very competitive rate of $399.

There are still a lot of features rumored to be in the new console and they could justify the price increase. In fact, the delivery system for games is still in question and some are suggesting that the PS5 will use cartridges. This is just one of many mysteries and there are lingering queries about the hardware in the console, possible upgrades, and the versions of consoles that will be available upon the release of the console.

The leaked date seems to be for a standard edition of the console and it will be interesting to see if a PS5 Pro surfaces. The date provided by PSErebus for the console is yet to be confirmed by Sony, and a range of factors may change the window given. What is certain is that there will be plenty of people wanting to play the PlayStation 5 for the first time on Christmas day of 2020. Many will unwrap the new PlayStation hoping to see Sony maintain the reputation of the console.

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Source: PSErebus / Twitter

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