Big PlayStation 5 Reveal Planned for PSX 2019

Analysts Predict a PlayStation 5 Announcement at E3 2018

Yesterday, Sony dropped a huge announcement when it revealed that PlayStation is skipping E3 2019. The company explained that it is striving to “look for inventive opportunities to engage the community.” Now, rumors are circulating about what Sony does have planned for next year, which may include a “small” PS5 reveal followed by a bigger event later on.

A Reddit user who previously leaked that Sony would not be attending E3 2019 claims that the company will be hosting a small reveal in the middle of 2019 with a big reveal to follow at PSX in December 2019. Of course, this information should be taken with a grain of salt, but if true then fans can expect a PS5 release in 2020.

Immediately after Sony’s big announcement, Microsoft’s Xbox was quick to chime in and published a tweet saying, “We can’t wait to see you all at E3 2019,” with the corresponding hashtag #XboxAtE3. Although this may not seem like a direct response to Sony, its timing is too good to be just a coincidence. Regardless, it is unlikely that Sony will be completely absent in 2019, but how exactly it plans to engage its audience is yet to be seen.

Although Sony did not respond to the possible unveiling of the PS5 next year, rumors also began to circulate that some studios are already hard at work on developing games for the PlayStation’s next-generation console. Most recently, Tomohiro Tokoro who is a 3D Character Model Artist at Luminous Productions, revealed in his now deleted LinkedIn profile, that he is working on a “New AAA Game for PS5.” Luminous Productions is a studio under Square Enix, which begs the question whether the AAA game mentioned is Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Given Sony’s decision to skip one of the biggest gaming conferences next year, it will be interesting to see what the company has in store for its fans in 2019. Will it finally reveal the PS5? Is E3 no longer the “inventive” platform to engage the gaming community as Sony implied? Or will Sony disappear next year as it prepares for an even bigger 2020? Only time will tell.

Source: Reddit

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