PS5 is More Powerful Than Xbox Project Scarlett, Says Rumor

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Now that both Sony and Microsoft have announced their next-gen consoles, the gauntlet has been set for the two to battle over the next year. Both companies will be touting their console’s superiority in a number of categories, from streaming capability to load times. However, a new rumor suggests that Sony’s PS5 might already have Microsoft’s Project Scarlett beat in one key area: power.

According to Andrew Reiner at Game Informer, the rumor around E3 2019 prior to Microsoft’s Press Briefing is that the PS5 is more powerful than Project Scarlett. Exactly how powerful is unclear, but any bit of extra power is sure to have some of the fandom riled up.

During its E3 2019 Press Briefing, Microsoft had a lot to say about Project Scarlett and not a lot to show. And with Sony skipping E3 this year, it seems both companies only want to deal in broad strokes at this point, avoiding nailing any specifics or comparisons to current tech. For example, Microsoft said that the processor in Project Scarlett is 4x as fast as the Xbox One X and loading capability is 40 times that of the current Xbox One consoles.

But while the most powerful console is certainly a nice bullet point, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one platform is going to sell better than the other. Truthfully, there are so many other factors that go into deciding which game console sells, starting with those games.


Players tend to follow the platforms that have the most intriguing exclusives and in this current generation that has been Sony’s PS4. However, Microsoft has positioned itself well for the future by acquiring a number of new studios including Double Fine and Ninja Theory, which could help swing the pendulum in its favor.

Either way, this is just a rumor and without any concrete metrics, it will stay that way. Neither Microsoft nor Sony are expected to say much more about their consoles any time soon, if at all for the rest of the year. The most powerful next-gen console is a cool label but it likely won’t decide the next big competition.

Source: Andrew Reiner

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