PS5 Price Could Be Seriously Affected By Proposed 25% Tariff

ps5 price point tariff

Last Friday, the Office of the United States Trade Representative published an extensive document listing a great number of goods categories to be considered for new tariffs. These tariffs would be in amounts of up to 25% on goods that are imported from China, and the goods that are included in the document are extremely varied. That said, one entry in particular may have a major impact on those that have an eye on the PlayStation 5 price.

Specifically, this new document from the Office of the United States Trade Representative includes "video game consoles and machines" in its proposed list of products to be considered for the tariffs in question. While it is often the case that companies sell consoles at a loss, something that has been reported to be true for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X, a new 25% tariff would almost certainly result in an increase in the price of video game consoles.

The hearing for these proposed tariffs are scheduled to begin on June 17, and it is possible that they could go into effect as early as June 24. This means that players could be seeing higher prices for video game consoles in very short order, but the impact on next generation consoles, and the PlayStation 5 price in particular, is what may be of the most interest.

Indeed, last month's official announcement of the PlayStation 5 has gotten many fans extremely excited about the future of console gaming, and many rumors about the PS5 price have followed. While some PS5 price predictions suggest that Sony's next console will cost $499, this PlayStation 5 price point could change dramatically if the proposed tariffs go through.

ps5 price point tariff

Furthermore, the PS5 price range is not the only thing that could be affected by the tariffs, as many are expecting Microsoft to also unveil a new console very soon. In fact, a circulating rumor suggests that the next Xbox specs will be revealed at E3 2019, and the next Xbox price would, very likely, be inflated by a new 25% tariff as well.

For those that are currently asking "how much is a PlayStation 5," the answer may be that this is still very much up in the air pending the proposed video game console tariffs. Certainly, if they pass in next month's hearing, players could find that the PS5 cost is higher than they might have expected.

Source: GameDaily

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