Rumor: PS5 Price Point Leaks Online

ps5 price point rumor

As we edge ever closer to the reveals of the PS5 and next-generation Xbox, rumors and speculation are running rampant. The latest rumor surrounding the PS5 stems from someone claiming to be a third-party developer in Europe working on a triple-A PS5 launch title, who has apparently leaked some of the first details about the console, including its price point.

The supposed developer posted this information on Pastebin, and while anyone could have posted it and its legitimacy is impossible to verify at this stage, it's gaining traction online regardless. According to the post, the PlayStation 5 will be officially announced as early as June, with a March 2020 or November 2020 release date. It also claims the PS5 will be backward compatible, and it will offer a PS Plus Premium service with a 2TB built-in hard drive, 8k upscaling, and support for an upgraded PlayStation VR headset. Additionally, PS5 will come with a DualShock 5 controller that will have a camera inside that has something to do with VR.

According to the leaker, all of this will come at a $499 price point, which is $100 more than the PS4 was when it launched back in 2013. Considering the current price points of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, the $499 starting price for the PS5 is actually pretty believable.

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Even so, those looking forward to the PS5 should take this information with a massive grain of salt. After all, anyone can post random stuff on Pastebin and try to pass it off as a legitimate video game leak, and that could very well be what's happened here. The supposed leak does regurgitate other rumors about the PS5, like its backward compatibility, the PS Plus Premium subscription, and PlayStation VR 2, so depending on one's perspective, that could either lend it some credibility or just be proof that the "leaker" is making things up and using past leaks to make it seem more realistic.

Regardless of the validity of the leak, the $499 PS5 price point does make sense based on past console generations and currently available hardware. It would be very surprising for Sony to sell it at a higher cost, especially after what happened with the PS3 back in the day, but ultimately, fans will just have to stay tuned for official information to be sure.

Source: Pastebin

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