More People Considering PS5 Than Next Xbox

According to analysts, the next-generation of consoles isn't so far away. Both Microsoft and Sony are expected to announce PS5 and the next Xbox at E3 2020, which takes place next summer. In advance of these official announcements, gamers are now being polled to see whether the PS5 or the next Xbox could come out on top.

Harris Interactive, a market research firm in the UK, has surveyed gamers in the region to see what they plan to purchase when the next-generation of consoles arrives. 2,146 interviews were conducted of people aged 16 to 64 years old. The PlayStation 5 was the winner, with 38% of those surveyed saying that they would consider buying the rumored PS5 console and 41% saying it's the system they are "most likely to buy." In comparison, 26% said that they would consider buying the next-generation Xbox console, and 24% called it the console they are most likely to buy.

There was also some interest in Nintendo's future console plans. 21% of those surveyed said that they would consider buying a Nintendo Switch 2, with 17% calling it the console they are most likely to buy. Reports suggest that Nintendo is planning to release two new Nintendo Switch consoles this year. According to this Harris Interactive poll, the new hardware versions could be a big seller in the UK, if not the rest of the world, too.

However, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony could face a huge challenge in the form of Google Stadia. The Google game-streaming platform was announced just last week, and although there are only a few confirmed Google Stadia-compatible games, the survey confirms there is a lot of interest in it.

Next gen consoles survey data

25% of those surveyed said that they would consider getting a Google Stadia subscription and 19% said it was what they are most likely to buy. Google hasn't confirmed the Google Stadia pricing or its business model (whether it will be subscription based and if there will be tiers). If the platform is reasonably priced, it could quickly get a lot of subscribers when it launches in the UK (as well as the US and Canada) later this year.

With none of the consoles announced yet, it does seem a bit soon to call the race. After the unsuccessful Nintendo Wii U, few would have expected the Nintendo Switch to do so well but the console offered strong features and has sold incredibly. Likewise, Stadia, the PS5, and the next Xbox could all stumble and leave all of those prospective Stadia, PS5, and Xbox buyers surveyed reconsidering.

Source: Harris Interactive

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