Sony Shows PS5's Fast Loading Time In New Video


Ever since last month's unexpected unveiling of the PS5, Sony hasn't really shared any new information about the next-gen console. Now, a video from Wall Street Journalist Takashi Mochizuki surfaces online, giving players a first look of the potential performance power of PlayStation 4's successor.

During the demonstration at what appears to be Sony's corporate strategy meeting, the company discussed the upcoming console's hardware specifications, which are said to offer an "immersive experience created by dramatically increased graphics rendering speeds." At last month's reveal, Sony's Mark Cerny unveiled the beefier technology under the PS5's hood, which will include a customized SSD.

Cerny previously revealed that the addition of the SSD will dramatically improve rendering and loading times of games as compared to the PS4. To prove his point, Cerny said that he tried loading Insomniac's Spider-Man using a PS5 dev kit and was able to load the game 15 times faster than the PS4. The latest video that was uploaded by Mochizuki showed identical results to Cerny's claim and showed a side-by-side comparison of a PS4 Pro and the PS5 loading the same game. It is worth noting that the video did not make any mentions of the PS5 but it used the phrase "Next Generation (Under Development)" to differentiate the old from the new.

Aside from the faster loading time of the new console, Sony also discussed how the PS5 will have a seamless PlayStation Now online performance thanks to an improved cloud infrastructure. Of course, it is no longer a secret that Sony's cloud infrastructure will be powered by Microsoft Azure after it was revealed that the two rivals will be partnering up in a joint venture for future cloud solutions. 

However, a few days after the news of the newfound partnership between Microsoft and Sony was announced, it has been reported that the latter's PlayStation sub-unit was "blindsided" by the news. According to a Bloomberg report, Sony's higher-ups have been negotiating with Microsoft on the partnership without the involvement of the PlayStation team. As of the moment, no one knows how the latest partnership between Sony and Microsoft will pan out, but sources that spoke to Bloomberg revealed that managers had to calm down employees at PlayStation and assure them that the deal with Microsoft won't have an effect on the plans for the next-generation console.

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