PS5: 10 Important Unanswered Questions We Still Have


The next generation of consoles is slowly inching around the corner. Despite how close they are, there still exists a large handful of important details the public doesn't know. Sony has yet to unveil the PS5 in a formal manner, instead opting to slowly trickle out details through the occasional article. This method helps build up hype, but it is not as all-encompassing as a press conference.

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Until the day comes when they answer everyone's burning questions, we'll still be wondering about the following ten details. With the expected release window being holiday of next year, they better answer some of these soon so the fan base can prepare themselves.

10 Price

pc cross-play

The price tag is vital to a console's success. The Xbox 360 managed to pull ahead of the PS3 early in its generation because of its significantly reduced cost compared to Sony's system.

The company learned their lesson for the PS4, giving it a competitive price. With the impressive capabilities touted for the PS5, one really wonders how much it will cost. If it is going to go five hundred or more, they better tell fans now so they can save up. Sony followers are praying for something more reasonable, though.

9 Release Date

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Sony promises to have the PS5 on shelves in time for the 2020 holiday season, but that is always subject to change. Giving a concrete day will better solidify their commitment to actually getting the thing completed on time.

Without an exact date, there is a chance they could push it back into 2021. While gamers want it as soon as possible, they also want the console to be the best it can possibly be. Another problem of pushing it out too soon is simply not having the resources or time to produce enough consoles to meet demand.

8 Design

playstation 5 launch 2020

While rumors float around the Internet, no one outside of a select few at Sony actually know how the PS5 will look. Prior consoles usually had a nice aesthetic, save for the first PS3 design taking cues from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3.

The next console will probably not disappoint, but people are eager to know how the new device will appear in their living room. Whatever the case, we just hope it's not as loud as the PS4,which feels like an airplane taking off in the house.

7 Controller Design And Price

A handful of details regarding the controller have come out, but actual pictures have yet to surface. Eyewitness accounts reveal similarities to the classic DualShock design with some subtle changes. The more important detail, however, is the price.

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Controllers are more expensive than a new game these days. Will getting four of these for a local coop session force someone to sell their kidney on the black market? If they are even more expensive than the DualShock 4, maybe budget options for those hoping to get a whole set would be a good idea.

6 How PlayStation Now Will Change

PlayStation Now has seen a recent spike in popularity due to its price cut. Ten dollars a month grants subscribers access to a healthy catalogue of titles in the PlayStation library. Given the company's dedication to the service, it will undoubtedly make its way to the next system.

When it does jump over, how will it change? Because it exists already, they must surely be developing the console with it in mind, making sure it will run smoother and more efficiently than on the PS4. Playing games from the cloud is already a big part of the medium, and it will only grow as technology makes it more accessible.

5 Will It Have Different Models?

ps4 and ps4 pro

This isn't talking about enhanced models coming down the line like the Xbox One X or the PS4 Pro. On launch day, will consumers have different options for purchase? The PS3 and Xbox 360 both came out on day one with different models of varying prices, but the following generation eschewed this.

Perhaps they found different options confused consumers or wasn't worth the effort. If the PS5 is set to break people's bank accounts, however, a budget option may be a smart move.

4 VR

PS VR headset

PlayStation VR may have started on shaky ground and still isn't the most popular option for the bleeding edge technology, but Sony has time and again proven their dedication to it. Several titles exclusive to the device are hailed as some of VR's best offerings, particularly Astro Bot: Rescue Mission.

How will VR work on the PS5, though? Will the new console make for a juiced up version of the niche hardware, and will a new headset become available? Perhaps a cheaper model will come out, making it more accessible to the average console owner.

3 The Extent Of Its Backwards Compatibility

ps5 launch titles

Backward compatibility became a popular feature this generation, and consoles are slighted for excluding it. The Xbox One has gotten particular praise for their dedication to making a significant portion of the prior systems' games available on it.

Sony has taken a cue from their competitor and promised some form of it on the PS5, but no one knows how far they will go. Will all PS4 discs work on the console? Will they go back even further let PS3 games function?

2 Changes To PSN

PlayStation Network

With each generation, the online services change. When PS4 came out, Sony made a PS Plus account mandatory for playing online with others. What will the PS5 add or alter to the service? Will they make it more expensive, or add another tier to the subscription?

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Adding things is always a plus, consumers are liable to get angry when things are taken away or changed. The store will also probably see a makeover, which always brings risk. PSN has come a long way since the PS3's infancy and has usually improved upon itself. One wrong move, however, could send that all crashing down.

1 Launch Titles

At the end of the day, consoles are all about the software. Services and user interface are vital, but they mean nothing if the games are weak. As of now, fans have no clue about the system's launch lineup. What must-have game will force everyone to buy it on day one?

Will it be an intriguing new IP, a long awaited sequel, or will a couple of PS4 games make a cross-generational jump? The possibilities are endless. A sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn seems likely, and Bluepoint Games is promising an ambitious remake of a classic title. At the end of the day, though, these are just as likely to be years away as they are to come out side by side with the PS5.

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