PS5 Dev Kit is Real, Claims Game Developer

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The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console cycle is finally starting to wind down, as the industry braces for all new game machines at the end of next year. And while new iterations of both Sony and Microsoft's consoles have been confirmed, gamers still don't know that many details about the systems - or what they'll actually look like. However, it seems that a recently leaked patent may be the real deal, at least as far as dev kits are concerned.

The confirmation comes from Game Developer Matthew Stott, who appears to work at the studio Codemasters on the F1 series. Stott claims that the dev kit is indeed real and that his studio has some in their office. The design is pretty bizarre, especially considering the sleek look of the PS4, both at launch and with newer iterations of the console. If this is the design that makes it to the market, it may be considered a step back as far as looks go. Luckily, leaked PS5 specs have indicated that it may make up for a funky design with extra power under the hood.

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However, that likely won't be the case. It's not too common for devkits to resemble the launch product. Most of the time, they look like PCs or VCRs, with controllers usually having the most similar resemblance to the final product. That being said, this machine does look funky, even by devkit standards, and it's possible that Sony wants to have a bolder looking console when the next generation launches.

Still, it's not likely that this is the final design. Plus, leaks have suggested the PS5 will be more powerful than the next Xbox, and it seems highly unlikely that Sony would risk having the extra power overshadowed by the negative press of a ridiculous design. That being said, there's still always a chance that this is close to the real deal, whether five USB ports seems utterly ridiculous or not.

Fans will just have to wait until Sony actually shows off the system before they can come to any real conclusions about how it looks. Sony still hasn't given any official plans to debut the system, but the PS5 reveal date recently leaked, and fans will still have a few months to wait if that date turns out to be true. Hopefully, the finalized design will look just a tad less bizarre.

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