PS5 CPU Will Make Development Time Faster

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Every day that passes puts the world one day closer to next-gen consoles, and gamers the world over are likely excited to see what the PS5 can do. It's already well-known that it can cut back on loading times, but according to one recent developer, it can also cut back on development time. Of course, until the official PlayStation 5 reveal that is rumored to happen in February, this information should be taken at face value.

Lost Wing developer Tim Ash of BoxFrog Games recently spoke to this point of a quicker development time in an interview. The PlayStation 5 is reportedly using an AMD Zen 2 processor, which Ash praised as a "huge set up" for the next-gen console. More specifically, he honed in on how this new CPU will help developers reduce development times significantly, as Ash said:

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“It gets rid of so many restrictions with how many calculations we can do on the fly, we have so many ideas which are very hard, or even impossible to implement in the current generation of consoles. Also, it actually reduces development time significantly as less time needs to be spent on optimization.”

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This makes sense in more ways than one. When it comes to PS5 launch titles, there are a ton of current rumors. Two that stand out in light of this development news is God of War 2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn 2. The latter was hard to determine whether it could be a launch title, as it would only have a couple of years of development time, but if this CPU reveal is true, then it seems much more likely.

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God of War 2 still doesn't seem likely to be a launch title, as there's no way the CPU sped it up that much, but this would mean that God of War 2 could hit sooner. A new God of War is reportedly already in the works, so that's still likely to be a big selling point for the PS5.

However, it's worth mentioning that despite this reported strength of the CPU and the PS5's SSD, many will not likely want to upgrade right away. In light of this fact, Sony has revealed that it will continue supporting the PS4 through 2022, so perhaps the two aforementioned games will be cross-gen titles. Regardless, the PS5 is coming and perhaps games for it will come quicker than ever before.

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