PS5 Won't Release Until 2021 or 2022, Says Analyst

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One thing undoubtedly on the hearts and minds of most PlayStation fans is when the PS5 will release. Currently, the general consensus seems to be that 2020 is the PS5's most likely release year, although some rumors suggest it could be as early as 2019. Now, an industry analyst is working to temper the community's expectations, arguing that Sony's next home console isn't coming as soon one might think.

Yasuo Imanaka, an industry analyst for Rakuten Securities, is predicting that the PS5 won't release until the fiscal year going from April 2021 through March 2022. While Imanaka acknowledges the possibility that the PS5 releases in the fiscal year beginning April 2020, he also asserts that there is virtually no possibility of it releasing before March of next year. It could be a gloomy thought for PlayStation fans that their next home console could still be years away, but it's worth noting that Imanaka's prediction is far from confirmation of the PS5's release window.

The prediction certainly clashes with other reports that say it's more likely Sony's successor to the PlayStation 4 will release sometime in 2020. For instance, NPD analyst Mat Piscatella predicts the PS5 will be announced this year for release in 2020. Piscatella's analysis is perhaps more mainstream than Imanaka's, but it won't be known for certain when the PS5 will release until an official announcement is made from Sony.

It's natural for fans of PlayStation to be eagerly anticipating news from Sony regarding the release of their next home console. Rumors about what players can expect from the PlayStation 5 have been ramping up in recent months, with reports suggesting it will be backwards compatible, feature PlayStation VR support, and come with its very own video game streaming service.

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Despite plenty of rumors and speculation about the PS5's release date, features, and price tag, nothing is definitively known about Sony's next home console just yet. And with Sony skipping out on E3 this year, there isn't a ton of indication that the company will make an official announcement about the PS5 anytime soon.

Source: Rakuten Securities, Hachima (via Twinfinite)

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