PlayStation 4 Gets Dedicated YouTube App

PS4 YouTube app

Upping the polygon counts and making character models more realistic wasn't going to cut it with the latest generation of consoles. No, the PS4 and Xbox One had to do more to accommodate players and the new ways in which we want to use our consoles. For example, we don't just use our games consoles for gaming any more they are certified media hubs.

On PlayStation 4, apps for services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer (if you're in the UK) quench the thirst for televised content and movies. Meanwhile, integration with Twitch and Ustream can offer up gameplay streams and can also let us broadcast playthroughs of our own.

These are strong offerings from Sony who are trying to establish the PS4 as the media box to beat (notably with their upcoming PSN show Powers) but there is one massive service that has been left out: YouTube. PS4 users won't need to wait any longer though, as a dedicated YouTube app has now been released for the console.

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Naturally, the biggest feature of the PS4's new YouTube app is that players can upload captured gameplay directly to the video streaming service. Previously players could only post these right to directly to Facebook for their friends to see so with YouTube being the 2nd biggest search engine in the world, that footage of your 43-yard FIFA screamer or your dash 'n' kill in Advanced Warfare will stand more of a chance of being viewed.

Furthermore, videos posted to YouTube can also be edited prior to upload. The customizable features (as detailed in the PS4 2.0 update trailer) seem to be a little bare-bones but the PS4's SHAREFactory app provides an extra editing suite for your videos if YouTube's editing doesn't cut it.


And, as this is YouTube, the app also lets users watch videos too. Users can watch them in 1080p and listen in 5.1 channel audio, share them to Twitter and those who sync their YouTube accounts with the app will be able to like, comment and access subscribed channels, playlists and favorites. The What's New section on PS4 and in the PlayStation app for Android will also highlight YouTube videos uploaded by your PSN friends.

Despite launching alongside the PS4 2.0 update, users do have to download the app directly from the PlayStation Store. It's only 69.1MB though, so it won't take up much space on the PS4's hard drive, but it's important to take into account if you've got a preposterously slow Internet connection.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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