We’re entering that period where if you don’t buy your 8th gen console of choice now, you won’t get it shipped in time for Christmas. If you hesitated on Black Friday, now’s actually the second best time of the year to buy one – the deals have improved significantly since last weekend. Most standard shipping cutoff times will occur before this weekend, as will expedited shipping options.

The PlayStation 4 deals are the strongest bargains. In December, Sony announced a further $50 price drop to $299.99 on the Star Wars Battlefront and Uncharted bundles for a limited time. That makes this weekend not only the cheapest time ever to get the Star War bundle, but at almost every retailer, they will be shipping in time for Christmas. NewEgg’s eBay outlet store may be the best retailer to buy from if you’re outside California, Indiana, New Jersey, and Tennessee, since only those states will be charged sales tax.

PlayStation 4



Star Wars Battlefront Bundle

  • $299: NewEgg (Dec 23 for free ship)
  • $299: Best Buy (Dec 22 for free ship)
  • $299: Walmart (Dec 23 for free ship)
  • $299: Amazon (no longer in time for Xmas)

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

For the PlayStation 4 deals, ordering from any of the retailers above should get you the system in time for Christmas with free shipping. During final checkout, all the retailers above will provide you with a shipping time frame. Walmart goes the extra mile and states plainly whether an item will be received in time for Christmas or not. If you don’t see the notice for a particular deal, we suggest ordering online for store pickup. For Best Buy, Walmart, and GameStop, store pick-up options are available, but you’ll of course have to deal with sales tax. At NewEgg’s eBay page, if you don’t live in CA, IN, NJ, and TN, you’ll be saving some extra cash, plus a small bonus of about $6 cash back in eBay bucks.

Xbox One Bundles

On Thursday last week, Microsoft announced that all retailers are returning select Xbox One Bundles back to Black Friday prices. Better still, the Microsoft Store is offering a free bonus game of your choice when you order an Xbox One Console through them, although the choices are limited to two older titles: Assassin’s Creed: Unity and The Crew.

In terms of a shipping timeframe, Microsoft is making no guarantees on shipping, with standard free shipping ranging from 3 to 7 business days. If you live near the warehouse, you’re set. Otherwise, consider paying for the $4.99 expedited shipping upgrade which will ensure 3-4 business day shipping.

Nintendo Wii U

Wii U prices are for the most part back to the usual $299.99, save one deal in particular. Through this Saturday, Target is offering the Wii U Mario Kart 8 Bundle for only $249.99 which ties its Black Friday price point. Buying from Target’s eBay store gets you cash back, but if you have a Target nearby (who doesn’t?), buying in store is probably the better option, particularly if you have a Target REDcard to net you a 5% discount on all Target purchases.

If you’re unsure on whether or not to take on any of these deals, we think they will be unlikely to return until Q1 of 2016. So if you must have an 8th generation console this Christmas (for yourself or a loved one), grabbing it during the holiday season won’t be a terrible buy. If you’re not in a hurry, expect some price adjustment come February or March next year for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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