Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson explains his opinion on PlayStation Neo and Project Scorpio, saying incremental console upgrades will be ‘great for the industry.’

Both Sony and Microsoft are moving forward with incremental console upgrades – in the form of PlayStation Neo and Project Scorpio respectively – as opposed to the huge generational leaps of the past. If these consoles prove popular enough, it could mean major changes to how the console gaming industry operates in general, and so third party publishers and developers also have a vested interest in the success of the new systems. As a result, major third party figureheads have been vocal about their opinions on the consoles, and now Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson has offered his view on PlayStation Neo and Project Scorpio.

Speaking in a conference call to EA’s investors, Wilson expressed his enthusiasm for the new devices, stating that they will be “great for the industry.” Wilson believes that PlayStation Neo and Project Scorpio could lead to infinite console life cycles, which would mean EA could keep its community of players together as opposed to splintering it when the next generation of consoles arrives.

Some believe that a smartphone-like upgrade model for game consoles may complicate things for developers, but Wilson doesn’t think so. In fact, he points to how EA has scaled games to be played on PCs of varying power as proof that the company will be successful when bringing games to PlayStation Neo and Project Scorpio, in addition to their weaker predecessors.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson

EA is not alone in its positive outlook on PlayStation Neo and Project Scorpio. Other major publishers have also spoken out out in favor of the new consoles, believing that they will give the hardware a mid-cycle boost. For example, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick is enthusiastic about the potential of the new consoles, and Ubisoft has echoed similar sentiments as well.

Of course, Project Scorpio and PlayStation Neo have also had their fair share of detractors. One notable voice that has spoken out against upgraded PS4s and Xbox Ones is BioWare co-founder Greg Zeshuk, who described the new consoles as, “A gigantic pain in the ass.”

Greg Zeshuk seems to be in the minority with his opinion, however, if the statements by EA and other major publishers are any indication. With console sales slowing down, these companies are counting on Project Scorpio and PlayStation Neo to rejuvenate their sales numbers, but ultimately, consumers will decide if incremental console upgrades are the way of the future or if traditional console generations will remain the industry standard.

Source: GameSpot