Xbox One or PlayStation 4? Black and blue or lime green hue? That’s the big question facing gamers this Holiday Season, as both Microsoft and Sony go all out to gain their first tentative footholds in the 8th generation.

With most major retailers having sold out of their pre-sale allocations months ago, the odds of locating a launch day console are now as hopelessly slim as prospective profits are fat – but, is that necessarily a bad thing?

Given what we already know about launch day difficulties, should gamers really be diving into the next generation of video game consoles with both feet , or has the worm finally turned in favor of the early adopter?

Late to the party: lame or lucrative? Game Rant decided to find out…

  1. Launch Prices vs. Price Drops
  2. Weak Launch Lineups
  3. Hardware Reliability
  4. Console War Defeat
  5. Feature Loss/Addition
  6. Conclusion: Your Big Decision

Page 2: Launch Prices vs. Price Drops

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