Analysts Predict PS4 Sales Hit 12 Million, Xbox One Hit 9 Million in 2014

By | 3 years ago 

While we are only halfway through the second month of 2014, that isn’t stopping games industry analysts from making bold predictions. Michael Pachter, for example, went so far as to label Sony’s PlayStation Now a joke even before the service transitioned out of closed beta.

And now it appears Pachter is at it again, only this time as part of the Wedbush Morgan team. In a new report from the analysis firm, Wedbush predicts that Sony’s PS4 will hit 12 million units sold and Microsoft’s Xbox One will hit 9 million units sold by the end of 2014.

Pachter, along with fellow WM analysts Nick McKay and Nick Citrin, pegs the PS4 as a “phenomenal success right out of the gate.” True, Sony’s next-gen console sold extremely well in its targeted markets, crossing the 1 million mark within 24 hours.

Moreover, the PS4 is poised to post an uptick in sales when it hits the shores of its native Japan later this month. Sony has had a stranglehold over Japan for the better part of a decade, and given the PS4’s strong reception in other parts of the world it stands to reason that won’t change in the next-gen.

As far as the Xbox One is concerned, Pachter et al also consider Microsoft’s next-gen console a success. Like the PS4, the Xbox One sold very well at launch, and hit a few milestones of its own.

That being said, the Wedbush analysts still believe the Xbox One is trailing behind the PS4, and will do so throughout 2014. When all is said and done, the analysts believe the PS4 will hit 12 million units and the Xbox One will hit 9 million.

Additionally, the trio expects the Wii U will continue to struggle this year and top out somewhere around 3 million units. They do acknowledge the impending releases of Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 — both in the spring — as potential system movers, but only marginally so. They see Nintendo as continuing on their current path (i.e. trying to rebound from declining sales) for the next two years, and ultimately don’t believe they will succeed.

Overall, though, the WM analysts see 2014 as a great year for the games industry, with console sales obviously up from where they were in the past few years. Their predictions are not quite as bold as we’ve come to expect from Pachter since it’s no secret that the PS4 and Xbox One are neck and neck, with Sony’s console poised to make a killing in Japan.

Regardless of sales predictions, it’s certainly an exciting time to be a gamer, and E3 2014 should generate a ton more interest in these next-gen consoles. As far as sales numbers, we still have 10 whole months to get through first.

Do you think PS4 will outsell the Xbox One in 2014? Do you think Nintendo will rebound this year?

Source: Dual Shockers